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Welcome to the item donation shop for St. Basils! Here you can browse and purchase the items that they need this month. The team at Give Today then make sure your donation is delivered directly to their door.

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St Basils works with young people in Birmingham to enable them to find and keep a home, grow their confidence, develop their skills, increase opportunities and prevent homelessness.

Donation Shop

The items listed here are those currently needed by St. Basils. When you purchase a donation through this store, your exact purchased item is sent directly to St. Basils. They can then distribute or use the donated items as required, making a real, tangible difference to someone’s life. It also means that they don’t have to spend money donations on items, and can instead use it for those things only money can buy.

There is no minimum order size, and all items include free delivery.

St. Basils don’t pay for their donation shop, and Give Today use just £0.50 of the item prices below to cover transaction costs and price fluctuations from suppliers. Give Today don’t profit from the sale of any items on the website.

St. Basils at work:

St Basils has a full range of prevention, accommodation, support and engagement services as well as services which aim to ensure young people develop the skills and have the support needed to move on successfully.

The St. Basils Charter: Designing out Youth Homelessness

To achieve it they need:

  1. Access to quality information and advice for all young people and their families about housing options which enable them to make informed choices.
  2. To use data to target early help to those they know are most likely to be at risk.
  3. Local Multi-agency single gateways (“Youth Hubs”) for those in crisis so they can get all the help they need, all on one site, when they need it.
  4. A Youth Housing offer which is truly affordable and enables young people to live and study or work while receiving the support they need.
  5. Employers to work with those who are not yet competitive in the job market or employment ready, but need a supportive and development experience.
  6. High quality, psychologically informed accommodation and support for those with more complex needs.
  7. Coaches and mentors who are there for the long term.
  8. To gain young people’s opinions and feedback in developing the above.

How will St. Basils know if they’re successful?

  • No under 25s rough sleeping.
  • No 16/17 year olds or 18 – 21 care leavers being placed in bed and breakfast accommodation.
  • A Youth Housing Offer in place which underpins learning and work for all young people.
  • Young people will not need to be homeless to secure accommodation and support.
  • Youth Homeless Parliament will report on progress and impacts and hold us all to account.

Other ways you can help:

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