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Welcome to the Social Supermarket’s item donation shop! Here you can browse and purchase the items that they need this month.
The team at Give Today then make sure your donation is delivered directly to their door.

Give Today. Help Tomorrow.
Donate exactly what is needed.

We are two Anglican/Church of England churches in Miles Platting. Apostles is at Ridgway St, M40 7FY. St Cuthbert’s is at Oldham Rd/Fir Rd, M40 7WF

Donation Shop

The items listed here are those currently needed by Social Supermarket. When you purchase a donation through this store, your exact purchased item is sent directly to Social Supermarket. They can then distribute or use the donated items as required, making a real, tangible difference to someone’s life. It also means that Social Supermarket don’t have to spend money donations on items, and can instead use it for those things only money can buy.

There is no minimum order size, and all items include free delivery.

Social Supermarket don’t pay for our service, and Give Today use just £0.50 of the item prices below to cover transaction costs and price fluctuations from suppliers. Give Today do not profit from the sale of any items on the website.

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Your donations at work:

The Social Super Market is a brand new initiative to help local residents reduce the cost of their weekly food shop, and help to prevent food waste!

A weekly membership fee of just £4.00 gives you one visit to the shop each week. Then if you would like to visit more than once per week, you can – each additional visit costs £4.00.

As part of your weekly membership fee you will be able to choose from a large variety of items including groceries, fresh fruit and vegetables, plus all the usual store cupboard favourites – just like going to the supermarket!

Plus, there is the added benefit of shopping locally and helping prevent food waste!

Other than being a local resident, there are no other criteria for joining the Social Super Market.

Membership also gives you access to low cost clothing, household goods, gifts and toys.

We want the Social Super Market to be open to everyone and we know that COVID-19 is still having a big impact on households. If you would like to be a member but are worried about covering the cost, please come and talk to us as support is available.

Other ways you can help:

Donate Money

Do you have a donate page?

Visit their website

Visit the website for all the information you could require including contact details, upcoming events, impact reports and much more.

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Different Website - Same Concept!

The Hope Revolution CIC has undergone a rebranding for their donation shops, and you have been automatically re-routed to the new location. 

The items you purchase here are still those needed by your favourite local organisations, and will still be sent directly to them!