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Pro Dogs Direct is a small, independent Charity that rescues, cares for, and rehomes abandoned, neglected, sick and abused dogs and puppies. They don’t have traditional kennels, instead every dog is fostered by a volunteer foster carer in their own family home whilst they find a perfect forever home. This helps the dogs adjust quickly, builds their confidence, and teaches them that they can trust humans to be kind and caring.

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The items listed here are those currently needed by Pro Dogs Direct. When you purchase a donation through this store, your exact purchased item is sent directly to them. They can then distribute or use the donated items as required to their fosterers, making a real, tangible difference to their rescue dogs. It also means that Pro Dogs Direct don’t have to spend money donations on items, and can instead use it for those things only money can buy such as vital vet bills.

There is no minimum order size, and all items include free delivery.

Pro Dogs Direct don’t pay for their shop, and Give Today use just £0.50 of the item prices below to cover transaction costs and price fluctuations from suppliers. Give Today do not profit from the sale of any items on the website.

Pro Dogs Direct at work:

Pro Dogs Direct’s vision is that: whenever possible dogs go DIRECTLY from FOSTER home to their new permanent home although, in emergencies they sometimes have to use kennels temporarily to get dogs to safety and out of difficult situations.

Pro Dogs Direct often take puppies and dogs that other shelters and rescues would turn away or euthanise. This means that, before they can be rehomed, many of their dogs need extra medical care and TLC. Many have had a traumatic past and never known a loving hand and home. This is particularly true for the ex-breeding dogs they rescue from horrific puppy farms. Their aim is to place each dog in the best possible home rather than simply rehoming them on a first come first served basis.

Pro Dogs Direct is run mainly by a fantastic team of volunteers who give their time freely to help dogs find new, loving forever homes. Most of these volunteers also fit jobs, families and other commitments into their busy days.

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