Welcome to the Jericho Foundation item donation shop! Here you can browse and purchase the items that they need this month.
The team at Give Today then make sure your donation is delivered directly to their door.

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The items listed here are those currently needed by Jericho. When you purchase a donation through this store, your exact purchased item is sent directly to Jericho. They can then distribute or use the donated items as required, making a real, tangible difference to someone’s life. It also means that Jericho don’t have to spend money donations on items, and can instead use it for those things only money can buy. There is no minimum order size, and all items include free delivery.

Jericho Foundation don’t pay for our service, and Give Today use just £0.50 of the item prices below to cover transaction costs and price fluctuations from suppliers. Give Today do not profit from the sale of any items on the website.

Jericho at work:

Established in 1993 and built on Christian values, JERICHO provides people with work and training in our social businesses and help and support via our social projects. Often the people we help just need a caring, supportive employer who will give them a chance to shine in work and in life. In some cases, the people we support have lived experience of homelessness, mental ill health, addiction, disability, modern slavery or the criminal justice system; in other cases they have struggled with the education system, experienced a difficult home life, or have low confidence and self-esteem.

Our model is straightforward and sustainable: we provide supported employment opportunities in businesses which offer great value goods and services to the local community. Each time a customer chooses to buy from one of our enterprises they are supporting life-changing opportunities for people who need them most.

The more people shop with us the more good we can all do in people’s lives, it’s that simple. Together we have directly supported over 8,000 people to become fulfilled, skilled and employed.

We are proud of the work we have done so far but we are not stopping until we realise our vision of a world free from injustice where everyone is able to reach their full potential. Join with us, let’s build better futures together.

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The items you purchase here are still those needed by your favourite local organisations, and will still be sent directly to them!