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You can give an alternative Christmas gift this year. Send a vulnerable person some brand new, much-needed gloves, scarf, beanie hat along with Christmas chocolates to brighten their day! All packed into a handy bag, perfect for storing and carrying belongings.

Sending a bag and making a difference to someone’s Christmas is as simple as adding a bag, or multiple, to your basket. Give Today will then deliver your gifts to Hope Projects in time for the big day!

Hope Projects at work:

Imagine fleeing persecution and having to seek protection in another land. You’d hope for welcome, sympathy and for your rights to be respected. Sadly the British asylum system is complex and often hostile. Many people are refused the protection they desperately need simply because they get lost in the system.

When your asylum appeal is refused, you are evicted from your house, all your money is stopped and you are not allowed to work. You are left street homeless and destitute.

With 13 houses around Birmingham, Hope offers a roof over your head, money for food and essentials and the legal advice and representation you need to overturn flawed refusals of asylum; so you can start to live a normal life in safety.

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