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Welcome to FY Housing’s item donation shop! Here you can browse and purchase the items that they need this month. Give Today then make sure your donation is delivered directly to FY Housing’s door.

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FY Housing, based in Blackpool, is determined to offer the opportunity and the support necessary to encourage and enable personal growth, self-development and independence. Their aim is to empower individuals to develop the necessary skills through a program of high support and educational opportunities, which will enable them to move into independent living and successfully sustain their own tenancy.

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The items listed here are those currently needed by FY Housing. When you purchase a donation through this store, your exact purchased item is sent directly to FY Housing. They can then distribute or use the donated items as required, making a real, tangible difference to someone’s life. It also means that they don’t have to spend money donations on items, and can instead use it for those things only money can buy.

​There is no minimum order size, and all items include free delivery.

FY Housing don’t pay for their donation shop and Give Today use just £0.50 of the item prices below to cover transaction costs and price fluctuations from suppliers. Give Today don’t profit from the sale of any items on the website.

FY Housing at work:

There are many different reasons why people become homeless:

  • Relationship Breakdown
  • Domestic Violence
  • Young people asked to leave home
  • People with drug/alcohol or mental health issues

More recently, people have lost their jobs and are in turn unable to pay their mortgage or rent, the list is endless. FY Housing provide more than just a home, heat, light & support. They offer a safe and secure environment, taking into account many aspects of life which can contribute or have an impact on an individual’s well-being. Helping someone to rebuild relationships with family or friends, stay in education, take up employment and training opportunities or deal with their drug/alcohol or mental health problem is as much about tackling homelessness as is securing a roof over their head.

​FY Housing’s dedicated staff and volunteer’s main objective involves creating a strategy which will encourage residents to take control of their own lives, by developing the skills necessary for independent living. The team aims to increase self-esteem, improve motivation and raise levels of confidence by the meeting and overcoming of challenging situations. These aims are achieved by offering practical support, advice, assistance, advocacy, representation and counselling. The team works with a variety of clients with high support needs, such as drug/alcohol dependence, mental health issues, learning difficulties, ex-offenders and entrenched rough sleepers.

Other ways you can help:

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The items you purchase here are still those needed by your favourite local organisations, and will still be sent directly to them!