The list of most frequent questions and our answers.

Give Today source donation items from a number of suppliers and aim to make sure all items are of good quality, delivered quickly and are priced fairly. Often our partner charities request the exact items and suppliers they want to use on their shops.

After your purchase, your donation is ordered from the supplier. It is then delivered by their reputable couriers directly to the door of the charity you chose to support. If you purchase a donation before midday, your items might even arrive the very next working day!

All donation items are purchased from reputable companies and all couriers will fully comply with COVID-19 regulations.

By purchasing a donation through Give Today, rather than delivering it yourself, you minimise the risk to everyone involved by reducing contact. 

As Gift Aid is purely for monetary donations and therefore, unfortunately, you are not able to apply Gift Aid for your purchased item donations. You can find out more information here – https://www.gov.uk/donating-to-charity/gift-aid

Good question – We get asked this a lot! Give Today do not charge charities, so not through that. We also do not profit from donations, so not that either. Give Today is funded by kind contributions from the public and through funding from GMCVO. In the near future we are going to be partnering with local businesses to sponsor our platform.

You can add a contribution to Give Today at checkout and they are all hugely appreciated to keep us going!

Yes you can! We want to work with every charity doing great work. Please get in touch via our contact page and we will get that sorted for you. It’s super simple, and we can even get your donation shop set up within 24 hours!

Give Today can help facilitate donations, volunteering and everything in between. We want to work with businesses who want to help their local charities so please drop us a message on the Contact Us page.

Different Website - Same Concept!

The Hope Revolution CIC has undergone a rebranding for their donation shops, and you have been automatically re-routed to the new location. 

The items you purchase here are still those needed by your favourite local organisations, and will still be sent directly to them!