The Give Today Podcast with Guest Vanessa from St. Basil’s

Episode 10 – This week Bryony chats with Vanessa from St. Basil’s in Birmingham. St. Basil’s support hundreds of young people at risk of homelessness, or who are currently homeless, across the Midlands. They provide employment and benefits advice, as well as emergency and affordable accommodation. We talk about the increasing pressure on services, and the unique difficulties for youth, as well as the great difference donations make to the young people being supported.

If you are 25 or under in the Midlands and currently at risk of becoming homeless, you can contact St. Basil’s on 0300 303 0099 or text NEED ST BASILS to 62277.

To get support for someone currently sleeping rough, please consider using Streetlink:
Mobile app: ‘StreetLink’ from Apple iTunes / Google Play store
Phone: 0300 500 0914

For the latest fundraising events:

You can find out even more about St. Basil’s, and purchase and donate the items they need right now, by visiting their Give Today store here:

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