What is at the heart of Beever and Struthers?

The aim of this article is to share with you some of the involvement in the wider society and social value that our fellow colleagues within the firm are involved in. This was previously eluded to, in Charity Insights Feb 2021, where the topic of conversation was the involvement in the Beevers Fundraising Group, more commonly referred to internally as BFG initially set up in 2017.

Over time, the work of the group has changed and obviously through the COVID pandemic somewhat significantly.

I wanted to take the opportunity to demonstrate how active engagement stems throughout the firm, highlighting why a key driver of the culture at Beever and Struthers is in improving the community we operate in. This is simply because of the people within the firm, who make it what it is.

In addition to BFG, throughout the firm across our four offices and hubs, there are 37 colleagues engaged in the community in many different ways, from formal Trustee roles to active participation in projects and charity activities.

Here’s a little bit of insight into how a few invest their time with their local community and how COVID has impacted the work they do.

Lee Cartwright - Partner

What charity is Lee involved with?

Restore, a relational charity project that is based in Birmingham. The main aim of the organisation is to help assist asylum seekers and refugees that have fled to the UK to escape persecution in their home countries to be safe in the UK, feel more at home in a foreign environment. The charity works with the refugees to ensure they can integrate themselves within the community effectively through employability development work, and also ensuring that the issues/services that impact the refugees are heard and tackled. Restore is a faith-based organisation, as Jesus himself was a refugee.

Why did Lee get involved?

Because asylum seekers and refugees have in most cases suffered greatly in their home country and have had traumatic journeys to the UK often taking many months and involving great danger and suffering. When they arrive in the UK, I believe they deserve to be treated with kindness, respect and understanding. And the fact that I can help to achieve that, albeit in just a small way, is very rewarding and enjoyable too.

How has COVID impacted your work?

It was virtual meetings only at first, which was tough, but then we were able to meet in public places outside for a coffee, and more recently in my garden, which is so much better as it’s hard to make friends over Zoom especially with someone for whom English is not their first language.

Michael Tourville - Director

What charity is Michael involved with?

Michael works with the All Souls Church, which is based in Coventry. The whole idea behind the church is so that the community is together, as it provides togetherness for people to come and meet each other to talk about anything they may wish. And, togetherness is more important than ever, as it helps us to support each other in these ever challenging times.

Why did Michael get involved and what does he do?

I have been involved as a volunteer at my local church in Coventry for a number of years. I’ve been appointed to the Parish Pastoral Council as well as the Chair of the Finance Committee dealing with a variety of matters to help support the church. In my role, I have typically assisted in reviewing and reconciling the financials, fundraising, property management and budgetary aspects when calculating maintenance needs for a church approaching 100 years old and pre-pandemic with c. 500 parishioners attending each week. I enjoy a lot of the involvement with fellow Parishioners and making sure the church is financially secure to continue serving the community.

How has COVID impacted your work?

The impact of the COVID pandemic has reflected a number of changes in the role and the work required. With churches being closed across the country in the first lockdown, it was important to ensure that donations continued to come in to meet our costs where a lot of the contributions came through weekly offertory amounts. A lot of the transactions switched to online receipts and recently we have even set up a contactless giving plate at the back of the church. Spending on health and safety aspects have also been key whilst re-opening the church for collective worship in line with the latest government guidelines.

George Sanders - Trainee Accountant

What charity is George involved in?

George works with Friends of Platt Fields, which essentially has been providing the community a service over the years of ensuring the park is up to standard and is maintained, whilst also ensuring that any agendas that the community may have for the park are brought forward to the council so that it can get funding. The charity undertakes various projects to ensure that the park is as good as it can, and they are active promoters of biodiversity, so they engage in trying to increase the habitat for wildlife in the park. The charity runs events, such as Parklife in the past and other community events.

Why did George get involved and what does he do?

I got involved with the charity to benefit the community that I live in, while also gaining some finance experience as the treasurer, because it was a career I wanted to get into further in the future. In my role I have typically assisted in reviewing and reconciling the financials, fundraising, and approving transactions. I highly empower people to look into joining as it gets you outside and you can get the chance to meet new people, all the while you benefit the community as well.

How has COVID impacted your work?

It has been mainly virtual meetings, which has been a disappointment at the moment, because I mainly got involved with the charity to meet people and actively engage with the community. I have also missed the volunteering sessions, which have not gone ahead over the past few months due to COVID. The events are currently on hold, but as lockdown and COVID restrictions ease, these events will go live and occur again when it is safe to gather in crowds.

Charlotte Kay - Manager

What charity is Charlotte involved in?

St Francis School, where Charlotte is the treasurer for the PTA.

Why did Charlotte get involved and what does she do?

I’m the treasurer for the PTA, so we try and put money towards school trips etc, as not all families can afford this. We also pay for school equipment, plus the children enjoy the discos and film nights that we organise as part of the fundraising. This is very rewarding to see the children smile and is one of the reasons I decided to do this work.

How has COVID impacted your work?

The events that we run to raise money for the school equipment and school trips etc, have not gone ahead due to COVID, which has had a bit of an impact on my involvement, as we could not carry out many of the events due to government restrictions in place.


The involvement in the wider society and social value, that my fellow colleagues within the firm are involved, clearly shows through the examples above. It demonstrates that not only do we, as a firm, care about what impacts us, but what impacts society and the communities of which we are a part. Additionally, you can see how certain charitable organisations have overcome the challenges of COVID, such as Michael’s prime example of going cashless to avoid contact with money through cash payments. Hopefully, this article has shed a light on our organisation in a way that it has not been looked at before, and you take away some newfound knowledge and passion about the team and culture at Beever and Struthers.

Here are some of the links to charities mentioned above, if you want to know more and get involved:

Ben Heaton

Ben Heaton

I am one of the 12 month placement students at Beever and Struthers, and there are a few reasons why I wanted to get involved with this piece of informative writing. But the main reason would be that I have a strong interest in how businesses incorporate social values to their operations, and I wanted to share a bit about how we as a firm incorporate it ourselves. As it has always resonated with me, that businesses can have a great impact on many areas. This is because to me, it's highly important that as well as providing a service to our clients, that we have a much wider impact on the community we operate in, as it provides great synergy. I am very grateful for Sue Hutchinson (Head of Charities) for giving me this opportunity to express myself, and I hope you as the reader have enjoyed reading my segment.

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